Charity Partnerships

World Land Trust

NGE is an official supporter of World Land Trust (WLT), an international conservation charity that focuses on land purchase, reforestation and funding the creation of protected reserves across the globe, with particular emphasis on protecting threatened habitats and endangered species. Through our work with WLT, helping to fund their ‘Buy An Acre’ and ‘Plant A Tree’ programmes, we aim to reduce our environmental impact and hope to encourage others across the industry to do the same. Our scheme is open to all of the artists on our roster, who are able to contribute either via the ‘Plant a Tree’ or ‘Buy An Acre’ programmes (or both), which is then topped up by NGE.
NGE's contribution has already begun to fund the purchase of threatened land through Buy an Acre projects in Ecuador and Mexico, saving it from deforestation. Our contribution to WLT’s tree planting programme has helped to reforest areas in Ecuador, Brazil and Borneo, reinstating forest areas lost in the past and reconnecting fragmented habitats for wildlife.

Our contributions to date (10/11/23):

NGE's contributions to the World Lands Trust Plant a Tree Programme has already helped to plant more than 2500+ trees across India and Brazil in fighting deforestation...

Between the 01/01/2023 and 30/09/23 alone, NGE contributions have helped to plan a total of 432 Native trees, taking our total to 2967 Trees Planted (Since Oct 2020)

Buy An Acre: 54.5 acres of threatened land
Plant A Tree: 2967 trees planted

You can find out more about WLT here:

Bye Bye Plastic

NGE is an official partner of the Bye Bye Plastic Foundation, the non-profit  organisation run by Canadian DJ Blond:ish, that aims to tackle the single-use  plastic problem that exists in the music industry. 

Bye Bye Plastic’s ultimate goal is to completely remove single-use plastic from  the music industry by 2025, harnessing artists, promoters, festivals, agencies,  industry professionals and the public to raise awareness of the issue and  implement change. Their operation has three stages (i) Providing an eco-rider  for artists [specifying no single-use plastics in the booth, along with a link to  the Bye Bye Plastic hotline for help sourcing suitable alternatives to plastic] (ii)  Circulating the eco-rider within the industry and (iii) Facilitating alternative  solutions to single-use plastics. 

Our artist riders are now ‘Eco-riders’ as standard. 

Find out more about the Bye Bye Plastic Foundation here: