Amine Edge

Amine Edge

Born into a world rich with varied musical genres, Amine Edge discovered his love for music around the tender age of 10. His early exposure to the famous German TV show "House TV" on Viva channel marked the beginning of an enduring passion for electronic music. From the soothing rhythms of ambient tracks by Aphex Twin and Autechre to the pulsating beats of Drum & Bass from Roni Size and Goldie, Amine's taste was eclectic and expansive. He delved into Techno, grooving to the sounds of Joey Beltram & Carl Cox, and embraced House music through the works of Armand Van Helden, Todd Terry, & Masters At Work. His love for music wasn't confined to electronic genres alone; Disco, Hip Hop, and R'n'B also captured his heart.

By 13, Amine was not just a music enthusiast but an active participant in its creation. He began collecting records, his first vinyl being "CJ Bolland - Sugar Is Sweeter (Armand Van Helden Remix)" and his first CD "400hz - I've Got The Music In Me". The art of mixing two tracks became his obsession, as he spent countless hours honing his skills. This was more than a hobby; it was a quest, a relentless pursuit for unique sounds and rhythms.

As the internet became more accessible, Amine Edge was at the forefront of the digital music revolution. He was among the first in Marseille to harness this new tool, finding rare records online and distributing them locally. This venture was not just a service to fellow DJs in a city where music distribution lagged behind Paris; it was a profitable business that marked Amine's first foray into the music industry.

At 18, Amine secured his first DJ residency, a significant milestone where he exclusively played House and Garage music. His journey through various clubs was marked by struggles and disappointments, as his unique musical choices often set him apart from his contemporaries. Unwilling to conform and compromise on his musical identity, Amine stepped back from local DJing and turned his focus towards music production in 2005.

In the realm of music production, Amine found his true calling. Influenced by the best of Progressive House, including artists like Hernan Cattaneo, Sasha, and John Digweed, he embarked on creating his own music. This period was marked by the establishment of his label and the recognition from icons like Carl Cox and Larry Heard.

2011 was a pivotal year for Amine. Collaborating with his best friend Laurent, known as DANCE, they created music that was more than just a blend of beats - it was a revolution. The duo tapped into the power of SoundCloud, launching their tracks into the world with immediate impact. Their song "Going To Heaven With The Goodie-Goodies" caught the attention of Solomun and marked the beginning of their ascent in the music world. The term G-House, initially a playful label, became synonymous with their unique style, a blend of Gangsta vibes and House beats.

Amine Edge, along with DANCE, became a global sensation. They graced the stages of the world's most prestigious clubs and festivals, from Pacha Ibiza to Coachella, showcasing their unique sound. Awards and accolades, including a Mixmag cover and a DJ Award alongside Carl Cox and Black Coffee, were testaments to their impact on the music scene.

Post-2020 brought new changes. Amine moved between Portugal and Brazil, embracing new cultures and sounds. While DANCE returned to his first love, Hip Hop, Amine continued to grow his label, CUFF, a beacon for House and a platform for emerging artists. His solo career, marked by vibrant showcases and prolific music releases, continues to resonate with fans worldwide.

Today, Amine Edge stands as a testament to the power of passion, perseverance, and the unyielding pursuit of one's unique sound. His journey, from a young music enthusiast in Marseille to an international music icon, inspires countless aspiring DJs and music producers around the globe.