Calussa, comprised of Miami natives Andrew and Gino Gomez, brothers of Cuban descent, is an electronic music duo known for their talent and distinctive sound, which has led to consistent chart success. They have achieved numerous number 1 rankings on Beatport's global charts. Calussa has showcased their music on prestigious labels such as Saved Records, Higher Ground, Abracadabra, Get Physical, and their own imprint, Hurry up Slowly..

Their track "Fell in Luv," a collaboration with Carlita released on Diplo's Higher Ground label, climbed the charts in the Dance Electronic genre. "Fell in Luv" was featured on Billboard and other notable press, continuing to captivate listeners with its infectious energy.

Calussa's talent, passion, and de cation to their craft have earned them immense support from acclaimed artists such as Black Coffee, John Summit, Nic Fanciulli, Vintage Culture, Diplo, Dennis Cruz, Blond:ish, and many more, further solidifying their status as rising stars.

The duo has also made a significant impact with their notable performances at prestigious events and venues worldwide. They have graced the stages of renowned festivals and locations such as EXIT Festival, Pacha Barcelona, Void Mykonos, Splash House, Keinemusik at Annabel's Mayfair, and Hurry Up Slowly Miami, among many others global locations.

Looking towards the future, Calussa continues to push the boundaries of electronic music with their forthcoming releases on highly anticipated labels as well as their upcoming tour schedules. Their dedication to their craft and their consistent delivery of exceptional music sets them apart in the industry. Keep an eye out for, Calussa as they shape the future of electronic music with their exciting releases and boundary-pushing creativity.