Elliot Schooling

Elliot Schooling
Elliot Schooling is at the heart of a DIY operation that is invigorating the scene with all-new energy. He's a DJ who wants to bring good vibes, happy grooves and infectious energy when he plays. He does it at the famously warm Appetite party he co-founded with his best friend Liam Palmer and he does it with the music he has released. His approach has quickly taken him through the ranks as he plays everywhere from fabric to DC10, has grown Appetite into a one-day 7000-capacity festival and newly launched record label with its own unique eco-system of talent. Right now, he's one of the hottest names in the game.

Schooling wants his dance floors to be lively and always guessing; to be unprepared for his next curveball and lost in the energy of the moment. He's a long-time vinyl obsessive who digs deep into the world of house and everything around it but always with an eye on the future. His productions, too, have proven addictive, whether original or smart but cheeky edits that update the classics. With a newly acquired studio and access to more hardware, he continues to cook up innovative grooves that connect with dancers who have a thirst for something new. 

He is the more chilled yin to Liam Palmer's yang when they DJ together, but that makes this pair a perfect match. Their unspoken musical connections run deep and have made them firm favourites with the next generation who often refer to them simply as 'the Appetite bros.' After meeting at school, they attended university together and have DJed with one another ever since as well as playing solo gigs. They launched Appetite to showcase their sounds and skills and it was such a success that in just a few years it has gone from small basement parties to hosting the likes of Chez Damier and Elsia Rose at sold-out London spots such as Fabric, Village Underground and 93 Feet East to now being the one-day Appetite on the Farm festival in the countryside. 

With Palmer and close friends and family, Schooling oversees all creative aspects from the look to the sound and it will be the same on the Appetite label: don't expect the same tried and tested names, instead look forward to music from new talents, fresh thinkers and the stars of tomorrow. It will have a look as unique as the sound and offer a more diverse alternative to much of the underground mainstream. 

Schooling and the Appetite brand are disruptors. Though respectful of what has gone before, they are here to do things their own way, with their own sound. And it has worked, because the crowds keep coming and new levels are being reached with every passing month.