Fleur Shore

Fleur Shore
Refusing to conform to the norm and never following the formulas that work for others, there are already glimpses from the early stages of Fleur Shore’s career that she is very much an artist leading from the front.

The depth and breadth of her musical knowledge is years ahead of her junior. Acquiring a record collection from an early age that exuded the magic of the late ‘80s and ‘90s, this period of experimentation is present in both her sets and productions. From Slick Rick to Bill Withers and Salt-N-Pepa to Lauryn Hill - Fleur’s sources of inspiration knows no boundaries. 

Fleur’s productions ooze infectious basslines, captivating vocals and an investment of passion to resurrect the sounds from yesteryear with her own unique twist. Her debut EP on Outbound reached #2 in Beatport's top 100, and she followed this up with consecutive top 10's. Fleur's music has also been well supported by Darius Syrossian & BBC Radio 1's Jaguar.

After cutting her teeth as a warm up DJ, her technical ability and approach to playing differently secured her residencies at legendary UK clubbing institutions Rainbow & Lab11, as well as lighting up the main stage at Budafest. 

Her Undergrowth brand is very much a reflection of her beliefs, as the ethos is to connect people on an intimate level and draft in breakthrough talent. She was the first to bring Rossi, Toman & DJOKO to Birmingham, and the brand will be joining her as her rise through the ranks continues at a lightning pace.