From their early days in the north-west of England, picking up the techniques 1210’s turntables, developing the studio skills and somehow getting heavily into learning the Brazilian street rhythms.

Behind the scenes; a prolific producer, for more than a decade creating countless productions for a large cross-section of artists. Now known for being a magician in the music studio and lord of the electronic percussion on stage, naturally fusing the influence Afro-Brazilian rhythms with a lifetime of House and Techno.

Masterfully bringing it all together in a slick and stimulating hybrid-live show, where DJing and playing electronic hand drums is made to look easy. Really, a unique artist who few others can compare. When asked to describe the sound it can only be encapsulated as; ‘Afro-Brazilian- Berlinian' !!

Encounter some of these sounds on labels such as; Rise Bln, Stil Vor Talent, One Tribe. Saved, SolSelectas, Elements, iZiKi Global. 2022/3 were active years seeing NenaHalena touring their sound in Brazil (D-Edge, Sunset Sessions). Berlin (Sisyphos, Kater Blau). Egypt (Boho). Ibiza (Boho). India. London, (Ministry of Sound, Tribe Life). Georgia, Mexico, (Mykonos (Pacha), Saint-Tropez (Sanctum), Dubai.

Last Release: Soul Sista - ‘Mooi' (NenaHalena Remix) [Cacao Records]
Current Release: G.Zamora, NenaHalena - Invocando [SwitchLab]
Future releases on Armada Music, One Tribe Records.