Stacey Pullen

Stacey Pullen

Stacey Pullen, label boss at Blackflag Records, is a pioneering force in the Second Wave of Detroit techno, mentored by the city's iconic trio—Derrick May, Juan Atkins, and Kevin Saunderson. As a world-renowned DJ and producer he continues to shape the electronic music landscape with his characteristic atmospheric sound, defying predictability and embodying his lifelong commitment to innovation.

Stacey's musical journey began at age 9 with the flute in school bands, setting the stage for a lifelong connection to music. Inspired by the mid-1980s Detroit Techno movement and influenced by luminaries like Jeff Mills and Chicago DJs, he, along with friends, experimented with turntables, laying the foundation for his illustrious DJ career. From his debut gig in 1992, Stacey recognized the challenges and rewards of DJing-- marking the start of his impactful trajectory. The release of his first track was under the moniker “Bango” on Derrick May’s Fragile Records. In 1993 Stacey moved to Amsterdam for more than a year and solidified his status as an innovative and influential figure in the techno landscape. In 1998, he continued his growth trajectory and started Blackflag Recordings featuring the future classic “Sweat”.

As a luminary in the music industry, Stacey Pullen continues to grow Blackflag Records: a label of abstract aesthetics– an outlet of free speech, thought and sound. Stacey’s goal is to hold no boundaries in his approach to music and its artform. With the goal of growth always at the forefront, expect Stacey to push the limits of possibilities in every project he touches.

After a three-and-a-half year hiatus, and following the preview of the return in December with two ‘BFR Rehash’ compilations, the imprint now returns as a central focus for Pullen in 2024 while creating a hub and platform for showcasing international talent, opening its 2024 schedule with new material from the label boss himself as he unveils his ‘M€$O’ EP on 1st March.

“2024 will be the year of waving the Blackflag once again. We have never shunned away from releasing good quality music. This year, we will continue that tradition by bringing you new fresh young talent along with some classic names in the business” - Stacey Pullen.

A short word for ‘Mesopotamia’, the name of the 80’s record from The B-52’s sampled by Pullen, the title cut ‘M€$O’ opens the package with authority and dives into a world of hooky, hypnotic grooves. Combining rolling percussion woven amongst warped vocals and funky guitar riffs, it’s a lively, energy-driven production made for the peak hours, while the ‘Sub Mix’ strips things back and builds on heavy low-ends for a bustling flip. ‘Strutt’ keeps the energy levels high with another cut crafted to get dancefloors moving as surging synths meet skittering grooves, before Brazilian hotshot Jamie Coins follows up recent outings on Revival New York and Organic Pieces with a low-slung, driving take on the track - marking an impactful return from Pullen and Blackflag Recordings.